Why meet us?
Our love for sports, the feeling of well-being, the balance between body and mind, are some of our traits. CrossFit gave us the ability to combine all these traits through diversity and wide range of exercises

The value of athleticism in our lives:
Human life is intertwined with activities and events that protect, shape,improve and beautify. Such manifestation of human life is sport, which is directly related to health, - entertainment, elegance, intellectual and moral culture of man. Athleticism, from the word ‘athlos’ (achievement): the struggle, the toil, the competition for the prize (athlon) is the physical and mental effort to excellence in a sport, contest, with certain performance requirements and conduct regulations. Sports in which one can perform, depending on their capabilities, are plenty, individual and group: long jump, high jump, speed or strength race, throwing, wrestling, weightlifting, boxing, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, chess and swimming are more commonly known. All constitute the meaning of athleticism. It should here be noted that sport differs from gymnastics, which is the whole point of the exercise, and by physical exercise for the development of natural abilities. Although the words ‘practice sports’ and ‘exercise’ are used as identical, they don’t convey the same meaning, the definition of sport would be incomplete, however, if we only limited it to physical activity with the sole aim of harmonious conformation and well-being of the body. It contributes to the cultivation of the spirit, entertainment, moral conformation and development of the collective consciousness of man. The value of sport was appreciated very early and indeed, because it is connected with the man himself and his life, in societies and cultures that gave practical examples of respect for human life. And such was the ancient Greek civilization. For the ancient Greek, sport was part of their education and an established institution associated with what was most sacred, the worship of gods. The athletic competitions, which were held in ancient Greece regularly, were related to great religious feasts. The most famous were the ‘Olympia’ in honor of Zeus, from where originated the Olympic Ideal as an expression of respect for human life, physical beauty, fair play and peace between the city-states, since it is known that during the Olympics there was "truce", cessation of hostilities. The Athletic Ideal not only revived in modern times, it is also worldwide accepted. The Olympic Games, World Championships, matches with the participation of all countries of the continent, for example, the European races, as well as the interest with which millions of people around the world watch such events are undeniable confirmation of this appreciation.

Creative action As former athletes of weightlifting and track and field, and now coaches we can combine a wide range of exercises in a workout routine.
Passion for sportThe connecting link of all our activities all these years has always been common. ‘Sport’.
Fully fitness actionCrossFit gives us the opportunity to provide people with the benefits of mental and physical health through exercise, body functionality and relief from the wearing daily routine…